About me

My name is Yuka Fukuoka. I am a designer. I studied information design at Tama Art University for four years. Information design is creating art and culture, while forging rich social and human-to-human relationships out of shapeless “information” is what we call information design.
Tama Art University Department of Information Design(English)

After graduation, I joined Yahoo! JAPAN as Designer. It is a Japanese joint venture between the American Internet company Yahoo! and the Japanese Internet company SoftBank.
Yahoo! JAPAN(Japanese only)

I worked at the company for just over eighteen months, designing company branding posters and overall branding for a rebuilding event of the Tohoku region. My main task was graphic design; the rest of the time, I engaged in user interface design. I revamped Yahoo! JAPAN’s Internet donation service, which allows people to raise funds on the Internet, whether for victims of the Myanmar earthquake or abandoned pets.
Yahoo! Internet donation service(Japanese only)

In addition, I am studying innovation techniques at i.school, an initiative of The University of Tokyo’s Department of Engineering. The goal of i.school is to teach students to become innovative people who think outside the box and create new and significant value; they are also able to design workshop approaches for creative activities and tasks.

I am also studying the expandability of communications media at the Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies of the University of Tokyo.
About the III and GSII(English)